FMHS Takes Home State Championship

FMHS Takes Home State Championship

Des Moines, IA Fairgrounds  — The FMHS Bloodhound Construction Crew took home yet another state carpentry championship for the third year in a row. The crew consisted of two returning members (Elton Kruse & Brandon Reichelt) and three new members (Alex Steffensmeier, Alec Nolting, & Dominic Frantz).

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This year’s competition consisted of 20 teams throughout the entire state of Iowa. Students are given a blueprint and materials with 4.5 hours to build. Students come into the competition not knowing what to expect until the blueprint is in their hands and the clock starts ticking. Not only is there a time-pressure, students are only given the materials that they absolutely need. Giving them little room for error.

 The FMHS crew was able to finish 20 minutes early while others struggled to finish on time. Kobelt attributes this timeliness to their ability to work efficiency both as a team and independently. Koblet noted that, “Most of the teams had to do everything as a group, but the FMHS crew were able to spilt-off into different side projects and come together to create the finished product.” 

Kobelt is very proud of these young men who are gaining a considerable amount of hands-on experience and leadership skills. He said, “It was really cool to see the guys working so well together, but it was also cool to see how each individual’s talents were clearly showcased in the final project.”

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