Moving Forward | Elementary Bond

FMCSD is moving forward with a bond vote for a new unified elementary school building.

We want to say thank you to our community for providing feedback to the board at the community meeting held earlier this month. Based on your input at the community meeting, the follow-up survey, and input from a number of community members, the FMCSD school board has decided to eliminate the athletic fields and address traffic congestion instead.

The board has heard from the community that there is a need to improve the safety access to both the new elementary school and the middle school. FMCSD continues to hold education and safety at the forefront of our pursuit in unifying our students. We believe that as a community of students, a community of educators, and as a community of Fort Madison, we are stronger together.

We look forward to working with our community to create a vision of our future. Stay tuned for an informational flyer coming soon.

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In Other News..

Dear FMCSD Community,

FMCSD BOND Dear FMCSD Community, Dear FMCSD Community:   It’s time to decide the future of FMCSD! We are preparing for a bond vote


Moving Forward: Elementary Bond



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