The Turn Page Bistro

The Turn Page Bistro

In February, Mrs. Purchatzke was awarded the Golden Apple Award. That awards comes with a monetary gift. We thought it was cool what Mrs. Purchatzke did with her gift.

Instead of going on a shopping spree, Mrs. Purchatzke gave her gift right back to the kids. Using her earnings from the Golden Apple Award, Purchatzke held an event called The Turn Page Bistro. This extravaganza was put on to celebrate reading, learning, and family. When asked why she put together this event her response was, “I just wanted to give students and their families an opportunity to be served first class. This was also a great way to get them excited about reading and share their learning experience with family. Making memories and learning along the way is what life is all about.”

In order to put on this event for all of the kindergarten classes at Lincoln Elementary, Mrs. Purchatzke gathered a team of former staff members, friends, and colleagues. They all dressed up in black tie attire to give the students a fun dining and reading experience. Students and their guests were served an entree (book) of their choice along with milk and cookies.

Everyone had a great time dressing up, reading, and coming together as a community of learners. Mrs. Purchatzke has such a giving spirit and truly exemplifies kindness. We are blessed to have had her for so many years at FMCSD as part of our bloodhound team.

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