ID Cards used for Lunch and Bus System

FMCSD students are going to begin using ID cards for the lunch and bus systems and we are hopeful to give you some helpful information about the two systems.  

For bussing, the ID is used to scan the student on and off the bus at their pickup and dropoff location. In cases of emergencies the students can be manually entered into the system, but the overall goal is to increase safety and timeliness of loading and unloading the buses. Please refer to a previous article about a new app “Here Comes the Bus” for more information.  

When the students have their cards for lunch the accuracy of the meal charges improve, as well as the timeliness of getting students through the line.  Again, students can still be manually entered if they forget their card, but the goal of the ID card system is to have each student scan their card under the scanner to provide quick and accurate meal service. 

The first two ID cards are provided at no cost. All additional cards are $3 each – please notify your child’s school secretary if your child needs a replacement.

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