FMHS Peanut Butter Challenge 2019

Over the last couple of weeks, students brought peanut butter to the media center. On Monday 11/18 Mr. Smith went in for a final count and award a winner.

Why are we collecting Peanut Butter

We have a moral and ethical responsibility to help our students understand a servant mentality. We believe that our primary function is to graduate students who are prepared with the social and emotional skills to integrate successfully into any environment they choose after high school. We know we can prepare them academically, but if we don’t address those attributes that will further their education and careers, then we have failed in our duty. Volunteering, putting others ahead of oneself, is a philosophy that leads to that end. We talk about compassion and respect a lot at the High School. These opportunities help them make this connection in their own community! 


Who won

The Construction Trades class won the building contest this year.  Thirteen students provided 400 jars of peanut butter to help us exceed our goal.

Other thoughts about this

I don’t say it enough, but we have some of the finest young people that you will find anywhere. It’s easy to misunderstand this generation, especially for those of us who were born as a “baby boomer”, but this small, but critical contribution to our community is evidence that they do care and will step up and come to the aid of others when asked to do so!

A Pizza Prize

The winning class enjoying their Pizza Hut lunch! 

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