Second Grade Paleontologists

Ms. Cashman's Second Graders at Lincoln are becoming paleontologists!

Second grade students have been learning about fossils and paleontology with their new EL reading curriculum.  They have read many books about different paleontologists, like Mary Anning and the tools that they use to dig and uncover fossils. They have learned about fossilization, and the process that creates a fossil. This month, they are  going to the Heritage Museum in Burlington. The museum has many fossils for them to explore

Recently, they became paleontologists themselves.  Using tools to dig into stones they  uncovered fossils.  The students were so excited to work together and uncover the bones. Once they have all of the fossils out of their stones, they began putting the fossils together to create complete dinosaurs. The activity gave students a hands on idea of what paleontologists do. It was a very exciting day in second grade!

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