Cyberhounds / Robotics – FMHS

Cyberhounds is one of many clubs and activities available to FMHS Students. They are a STEM oriented team that designs and builds large robots for competition. 

After lots of planning, building, and testing, they compete with teams from all over the world in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

The Cyberhounds compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) as team 7141.

During the fall, the Cyberhounds work on community outreach and fundraising with the Elliott Test Kitchen. On the first Saturday in January, the Cyberhounds go to the FRC season kickoff. At the kickoff, all the FRC teams watch a live reveal of the season’s game, followed by workshops hosted by other teams. 

On the first weekend of May, FRC teams that qualify go to the Championship competition. 

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Cyberhounds/Robotis is one of many clubs and activities available to FMHS students. To find out what other clubs are available visit

More about FIRST Robotics Competition

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