Meet the Kindergarten Team – Richardson

Ms. Woodley

Kindergarten teacher at FMCSD for seventeen years! 

Her Favorites

Quote: “A Positive Attitude Yields Positive Results” -Turk Regennitter (her dad)

Hobby: Riding Side by Sides

Snack: Coconut Almonds

Animal: Australian Shepherd Dog

Color: Blue 

Ms. Woodley’s Tip for Parents: One of most important things parents can do for their incoming kindergartners is to start developing their independence!  Let them start being responsible for their things, and praise them when they show their independence!

Ms. Woodley loves teaching Kindergarten because for some, we are a child’s first school experience! Kindergartners are eager to learn, and there is nothing better than seeing the light in a child’s eyes when they “get it”! This is the most challenging, yet rewarding job there is! 

Ms. Campbell

Kindergarten teacher at FMCSD for one year!

Her Favorites

Quote: “Dance like nobody’s watching!”

Hobby: Watching Hawkeye Football

Snack: Ice Cream

Animal: Horse

Color: Blue

Ms. Campbell’s Tip for Parents: Read to your child every day.  Get into a good routine, especially bedtime routine.

Ms. Campbell loves teaching Kindergarten because the students are so eager to learn.  Everything about school is new and exciting to a kindergarten student. She loves watching  her students learn and grow together!

Ms. Hoenig 

Kindergarten teacher at FMCSD for twenty – two years!

Her Favorites

Quote: “You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens.” -Mandy Hale

Hobby: Movies and traveling

Snack: Salty and Crunchy

Animal: Flamingo

Color: Pink

Ms. Hoenig’s Tip for Parents: Be an active participant in your child’s education. Ask questions about their day, encourage responsibility, read with them, let them be a child by playing, making messes and experiencing life. Parents and teachers are partners in your child’s education.

Ms. Johnson 

Kindergarten teacher at FMCSD for sixteen years! 

Her Favorites

Quote: “Believe, Dream, Achieve!”

Hobby: Painting and Snuggling her 3 dogs! 

Snack: Almonds

Animal: Dolphin

Color: Glitter

Ms. Johnson’s Tip for Parents: Read to your child every night, limit electronics and have conversations with your children.

Ms. Johnson loves teaching Kindergarten because students arrive in kindergarten with joy and excitement.  She loves using that energy to develop a love of learning.  When students learn a new skill or grasp a learning target, the utter joy on their faces brings great happiness.  She loves the honesty students bring even if harsh, the pure innocence of their being is priceless!  Ms. Johnson enjoys being the first experience a family has in the district and building relationships that will allow students to flourish!

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