Meet Scott Gooding – FMMS

Meet Mr. Gooding, ELA Teacher at FMMS

Mr. Gooding teaches 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts at FMMS.  He got his BA in English Literature from Western Illinois University and his teaching certificate from the University of Iowa.  Previously, Mr. Gooding was a substance abuse educator for local school districts.

He is an active dad, but in his free time he enjoys playing games with friends. Mr. Gooding enjoys painting miniatures as a hobby. His favorite book is “Frank Herbert’s Dune”, favorite movie “Star Wars Return of the Jedi”, favorite vacation was Disney World, favorite restaurant is mexican or anywhere with tacos! Something you may not know about Mr. Gooding is that he once drove a school bus!

In his current classes, 7th graders are finishing a unit on proper discussion techniques and 8th graders are working on  a unit on debate and persuasive writing.  His goal for the school year is to get his first 15 hours in his Master’s Program in at the University of Iowa.  Mr. Gooding looks forward to some of the new lessons and curriculum that has been developed over the past year as he thinks it will challenge students in new and exciting ways! Mr. Gooding reports, “The middle school is doing fantastic work in moving towards positive professional learning communities and that the environment is amazing and all the teachers are supportive of one another!”

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