Loaner Devices During School Shutdown

Update 2: 3/23/2020: We have received a lot of requests from families who did not initially sign up to receive a Chromebook and are running out of available devices. The links to the forms have been disabled so we can evaluate how many more devices we need.

Update 3/23/2020: If you signed up to receive a Chromebook but were not able to go to the High School on Friday, please call 319.372.7252 to schedule a pick-up from Central Office.


Due to the increasing spread of Covid-19 we will hand out devices today Friday 3/20/2020 starting at noon rather than next week. See below for the time slots.

Please remember to only sign up for a device if you absolutely need one.

You may only pick up a device if you filled the Loan Agreement as well as the Chromebook Loaning Sheet (both below) before you arrive. Many of you filled out the interest survey yesterday, that form does not guarantee that you can pick up a device, it was only used for us to figure out what kind of interest there was in obtaining a device.

When Do I Pick Up The Device

K & 1

12:00PM – 12:45PM

2 & 3

12:45PM – 01:30PM

4 & 5

1:30PM – 02:15PM

6 & 7

02:15PM – 03:00PM


03:00PM – 04:00PM

What Do I Need To Do Prior To Pickup

Read and review the Chromebook Care and Use Policy Guide first.

Second, review the Acceptable Use Policy

Third, please visit sign the loan agreement electronically. We will not be accepting paper copies during checkout. You must have this document signed and submitted before picking up your student’s device.

Lastly, let us know that you are requesting a Chromebook by filling out the form below. You must also have this form filled out before picking up your student’s device.


Where Can I Pick Up The Device

Pickup will be at the Fort Madison High School circle drive.

  • Remember that you must have both forms filled out and submitted ONLINE before you can pick up a device.
  • When you arrive please pull all the way to the end of the circle drive so we know who to deliver to next.
  • Please keep the line moving as other cars leave.
  • Call 319.372.1862 and let us know you are picking up a device
  • If you cannot get through you may send a text message to 319.382.7273
    • Let us know what car you are in
    • grade level and name of student
  • Remain in your car unless you are unable to reach us via phone or text
  • Only if absolutely necessary
    • You may walk to the table set up outside the front door if you cannot reach us via phone or text
    • Remember to keep at least six feet distance between you and other people
  • We will walk the device and charger to your car and hand it through the passenger side window.
  • You do not need to sign anything, as all forms should have been done online.
  • Please be careful exiting the circle drive.

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