Meet Geraldine Zumdome – FMHS Food Service

Geraldine Zumdome is a kitchen manager at the Fort Madison High School. She has been volunteering for the “Grab and Go” Meals Program. Geraldine has worked for the district for fourteen years. Geraldine Zumdome graduated from the Fort Madison High School in 1987.

Her favorite memory is from when she worked at the middle school. A special education student would not talk to anyone, but Geraldine would always compliment her necklace. That Christmas, the girl gave her necklace to Geraldine. The student started talking to her, so Geraldine got the student and her mother matching necklaces.

Geraldine loves to fish and go camping. In addition, she enjoys spending time with her six grandchildren. Her favorite movie is Miracles in Heaven. Geraldine’s favorite T.V. show is Long Island Medium. Also, if she could trade places with a fictional character, it would be Cinderella. Her favorite food is rib eye steak.

She wants to make sure the students’ bellies are full. “When we’re working, I want to make sure they get fed.” Geraldine’s favorite thing about her job is seeing the students.

What Geraldine’s coworkers say about her:

“Very giving and devoted to her job.”

“Most giving person, BEST BOSS EVER!”

“Easy to get along with.”

“She is hardworking at what she does, a good friend.”

“Always so giving.”

“Very, very great boss, fun to work with.”

“Fun and loving”

“Geraldine is so giving, she has paid off student’s negative balances just so they could get fed.”

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