Meet Theresa Heidbreder – FMMS Food Service

Theresa Heidbreder is a food service worker for the Fort Madison Middle School. She is currently volunteering for the “Grab and Go” Meals Program. Theresa Heidbreder has been working for the district for seven years. She graduated from Fort Madison High School in 1974.

Her favorite memory from work is about a boy that would not speak to anyone. Theresa would say “good morning” to him every day with no response. Then one day he popped into the lunch room and said good morning before she could.

Theresa enjoys gardening and spending time with her twelve grandchildren. Her favorite movie is Rocky. In addition, her favorite T.V. show is The Waltons. Theresa’s favorite author is Stephen King. If she was going to trade places with a fictional character, it would be Cinderella. Her favorite food is tacos.

She wants the students to be prepared and learn as much as they can for when they’re graduated. Theresa’s favorite thing about her job is the kids, it’s “her favorite and most important part.”

What Theresa’s coworkers have to say about her:

“This job and people she works with are her comfort place. She is the most loving soul. Her kids in the building are like her own grandchildren.”

“Loyal to her job and friends.”

“Very nice, I enjoy working with her.”

“Very hardworking, very kind. Wonderful person, would do anything for her.”

“Awesome co-worker.”

“Love that we share a love of the Bee Gees.

“Fun lady.”

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