Meet Lori Hay – Lincoln Elementary Food Service

Lori Hay is a food service worker at the Lincoln Elementary. She is currently volunteering for the “Grab and Go” Meals Program. Lori Hay has been working for the district for fourteen years. She graduated from Fort Madison High School in 1979.

Lori loves to go on walks and she watches movies a lot. In addition, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and playing scrabble. Her favorite movie genre is science fiction or adventure. Lori’s favorite T.V. show is 911. She reads a lot, her favorite book is Every Day by James Levithan. Her favorite food is a salad.

She wants the students to have a love for learning. Lori’s favorite thing about her job is saying “good morning” to all the kids at breakfast. “I have a lot of happy kids say good morning,” said Hay.

What Lori’s coworkers have to say about her:

“Soft spoken.”

“Shy and sweet.”

“Very nice person to work with.”

“She is very nice to everyone.”

“Very nice.”

“Kind and willing.”

“Work at Lincoln with her, sweet lady.”

“Quiet one (haha).”

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