Bloodhound Spirit Weeks

Bloodhound Spirit Weeks are themed weeks for the whole Fort Madison Community School District to participate in. These weeks start on April 27 and go through June 2. The Bloodhound Spirit Weeks are for the entire family to participate in. In addition, parents and students are encouraged to share their participation on our Facebook page. The district will be re-sharing submissions on our pages.

Week One

The first week is Outdoor Play Week, from April 27-May 1. Families are encouraged to share with the district their time spent outside through pictures and videos. Activities include going for a walk, bike riding, gardening, playing catch, hopscotch, and sidewalk chalk art.

Week Two

The second week is Craft Week, from May 4-8. We will be celebrating Mother’s Day this week by making gifts all week. Activities include cards/art for the student’s mother/guardian. Other activities include painting, making slime, playing with play-dough, coloring, and scrap booking. Please share pictures of the students with their crafts on our Facebook pages.

Week Three

The third week is Construct Week, from May 11-15. Activities include making a replica of their classroom from cardboard, paper, or Legos. Other activities include building a volcano, building a scene from their favorite movie, and constructing a bloodhound. The community is encouraged to share anything built this week on our pages.

Week Four

Next, the fourth week is New Hobby Week, from May 18-22. Parents and students are encouraged to share any new hobby they are learning during this shutdown. Activities may include learning a new instrument, knitting, cooking, gardening, photography, reading, etc. Please share your new hobby during this Bloodhound Spirit Week.

Week Five

The fifth Bloodhound Spirit Week is Reading Week, from May 25-29. Activities include showing off your favorite book, the current book you’re reading, and your collection of books. Please share your reading activities on the district Facebook page during this week.

Week Six

Our last week, Scavenger Week, is from June 1-2. These would have been the last two days of school. The district will be celebrating with a two-day long scavenger hunt of things you can find around the house. The family that can find everything first will win a prize.

We look forward to seeing your participation in the 2020 Bloodhound Spirit Weeks. Keep up with everyone participating on Facebook and make sure to “comment” your own photos/videos. The district will be re-sharing submissions from each week.

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