Meet Carol Scott – FMHS Food Service

Carol Scott is a food service worker and dishwasher at the Fort Madison High School. She has currently been volunteering for the “Grab and Go” Meals Program. Carol Scott has been working for the district for four years. She graduated from Central Lee in 1971.

Her favorite memory is laughing with her coworkers. In addition, she loves when the group decorates for the holidays.

Carol loves to spend time with her nine grandchildren and wiener dog named “Murphy.” Her other hobbies include riding on a motorcycle and camping. Carol’s favorite movie is Frozen, and if she were to trade places with a fictional character, it would be Olaf. In addition, her favorite T.V. shows are Chicago Med, Chicago PD, and Chicago Fire. Her favorite food is Chinese.

She wants the students to not bully each other and be nice to everyone. Carol’s favorite thing about her job are the ladies she works with.

What Carol’s coworkers have to say about her:

“Great team player.”

“Wonderful coworker, VERY hard working!”


“I would not know what to do without Carol. She works very hard. I am lucky to have her, love her.”

“Very nice!”

“Always so quiet!”

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