Meet Betty Sokolik – FMMS Food Service

Betty Sokolik is a food service worker and dishwasher for the Fort Madison Middle School. She is currently volunteering for the “Grab and Go” Meals Program. Betty Sokolik has been working for the district for seven years. She graduated from the Fort Madison High School in 1971.

Her favorite memory is “just the kids.” “I’m a kid person, and kids want hugs,” said Sokolik.

Betty loves to do yard work and work on puzzles. Her favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. In addition, her favorite T.V. show is Doctor Who. Betty’s favorite genre of books is romance. Her favorite food is rib-eye steak. She wants the students to just be happy and learn.

What Betty’s coworkers say about her:

“She’s my egg lady.”

“She has so much energy, she can run circles around us.”

“Speedy Gonzales.”

“She’s funny and tries to steal my Jeep!” “LOL”

“Very hard worker.”

“Steps in and helps where she is needed.”

“Energizer bunny.”

“Keeps us on our toes.”

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