Meet Treasa Abel – Richardson Elementary Food Service

Treasa Abel is a food service worker at the Richardson Elementary. She is currently volunteering for the “Grab and Go” Meals Program. After working in home health for twenty-two years, she decided to take a “retirement” job at the school. This is her first year working for the district. Treasa Abel graduated from the Fort Madison High School in 1982.

Her favorite memory happened at the Fort Madison Middle School last fall. The food service workers were giving out spider rings for Halloween, and a little boy asked for two rings. He gave the rings to Treasa and her coworker and told them to have a great day.

Treasa loves to snorkel and spend time with her seven grandchildren. Her favorite movies are Wizard of Oz and Sweet Home Alabama. Treasa’s favorite T.V. is The Voice. If she was going to trade places with a fictional character, it would be Baby from Dirty Dancing. Her favorite food is tacos.

She wants the students to graduate. Her favorite thing about her job is the people.

What Treasa’s coworkers say about her:

“Very funny.”

“So helpful and giving.”

“Nice person to work with.”

“Very nice person, she made us masks.”


“You mean Jake from State Farm?”

“Corvette lady. She sewed all us masks, she’s very nice.”

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