Meet Don Mallinger – FMCSD Transportation

Don Mallinger is a school bus aide for the Fort Madison Community School District. He is currently volunteering for the “Grab and Go” Meals Program as a van driver. He is from Clinton, IA. Don Mallinger moved to Fort Madison in 1976 and worked for the Iowa State Penitentiary for thirty-four years. He has worked for the district since 2011.

Don said that he has, “too many good memories.”

In his free time, Don delivers meals to senior citizens. Also, he tutors for a college. Don does a lot of reading, he likes to read historical fiction and study the holocaust. His favorite T.V. show is World on Fire on PBS. Don’s grandfather owned a theater, and Don worked as a “movie projectionist.” His favorite movies are The Ten Commandments and Ben-Hur. Don’s favorite food is a raisin pie.

Rules on Don’s Bus:

  1. Stay in your seat when the bus is moving.
  2. Boys and girls sit separately.

The best trip that Don has ever been on was to Israel, Germany, and Poland with his wife. They visited the Auschwitz concentration camp. His favorite thing about the job is a combination of the children and the other drivers.

What his van-mate, Stefanie says about Don:

“He won’t sit in the van, he helps a lot!”

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