Middle School Newsletter – 05/2020

The middle school administration has shared their final thoughts on the school year. We learn more about Ms. Knipe, who has been teaching music at the Fort Madison Middle School for thirty years.

“All of my 7th and 8th grade band students look forward to our May Concert because we always do popular music.  You will usually find a classic 80’s tune on my May Concert.  Tonight, would have been my concert and we were going to play “Welcome To The Jungle,”  I was looking forward to having Pam Hayes sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” with our band.  Anything by Michael  Jackson, Queen, Journey and even Disney can be found on our concerts.  If it’s performed well, I like any kind of music,” said Ms. Knipe. In addition, her favorite show is Glee. Her favorite movies are musicals! Also, Ms. Hackett, a science teacher, shares a “do it yourself” experiment to do at home.

MS Newsletter 5_2020

Bloodhound Spirit Weeks are currently going on in the Fort Madison Community School District. This week is Construct Week. Students are encouraged to build something and share the project with us on Facebook. Next week is New Hobby Week. Students are encouraged to share any new hobbies learned during this shutdown. Families are sharing this content with us on our Facebook pages.

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