Iowa Department of Education Guidance for Reopening Schools in the Fall

Update 7/2/2020:
Reopening Guidance for Schools: Frequently Asked Questions – Provides further clarification on the Reopening Guidance for Schools that was written in collaboration with the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) and released last Thursday. The FAQ includes explanations and examples regarding support documents and resources for schools, considerations and potential implications regarding the use of face coverings, the ability to maintain social distancing, temperature screenings and what to do if an outbreak occurs in a school, among others.

The Iowa Department of Education released guidance on 6/25/2020 for reopening schools in the fall. The document includes the following guidance:

  • Staff of students who are ill should stay home.
  • Reinforce washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • It is not recommended to require face coverings for staff and students. 
  • Allow personal use of cloth face coverings by staff and students.
  • Have a framework for routine cleaning practices facilities, high touch surface areas, cafeterias, concession stands, health offices and busses following CDC guidelines and state and federal sanitation regulations.

To read the full guidance please visit the official document

The Fort Madison Community School District’s Return to Learn leadership teams will continue to meet over the summer to process this guidance.  Future communications will continue to be posted here in the newsroom and on social media.  FMCSD intends to send families a “Back to Learning” survey mid-July.   We would appreciate all families completing this survey to aid in our planning for the Fall.

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