Sign Up for Remote Meals!

FMCSD will be providing meals for families learning remotely (see pricing below). The remote meals will include breakfast and lunch, with instructions on how to prepare included. Also, these meals are for registered FMCSD students only.

Sign Up

Please use the link below to sign up for remote meals. You can sign up each week of remote learning for your family in the trimester. In addition, if one of your children is learning separately from your other children please fill out separate forms.

Example: Three of your kids are B Group and one of your children is learning 100% online that parent needs to fill out a separate form for the 100% remotely learning child.

Use this link:


All meals will be charged to the family meal account. This year’s prices are:

  Breakfast          Paid Status Lunch         Reduced Status Lunch
K-3         Free                $2.55                                $0.40
4-5         Free                $2.55                                $0.40
6-12       Free                $2.80                                $0.40

Picking Up the Meals

Pick up times might change depending on how many families sign up. Meals will be picked up at the Fort Madison Middle School (off Bluff Road – Door Four). Right now, pick up times are Sunday and Wednesday at 6 p.m. Personal identification is required to pick up meals.

Additionally, check out our back to school checklist:

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