Meet Sara Ljungkull – Fort Madison High School

Sara Ljungkull works as an English teacher at Fort Madison High School. She is from Minnesota and Southern California. She attended Franklin University in Switzerland, the University of Puget Sound, and Brandman University. Her degree is in art history, and she’s currently working on her master’s for teaching.

Ms. Ljungkull leads a class discussion on the effects of social media.

Sara Ljungkull has previously worked as a teacher in California, and a substitute teacher at Keokuk and Warsaw. Ms. Ljungkull’s favorite t.v. show is Monk and Psych. Her favorite movies are Les Mis and Australia. Sara Ljungkull’s interests include: reading, writing plays, interior design, movies, chickens, gardening, and DIY.

Ms. Ljungkull poses with her door sign!

Sara Ljungkull’s Goal for Her Students

“To make memorable relationships with my students!”

Ms. Ljungkull listens as her students discuss the future of social media.

Ms. Ljungkull is the advisor for the drama club! If you are interested in joining drama club, please contact Ms. Ljungkull.

Fun Fact about Ms. Ljungkull:

“There was a time when I spoke 4 languages and wrote college papers in German and Italian.”

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