FMCSD Web Filtering Policies

We wanted to take some time to inform you about measures we take to keep our students safe and let you know what you can do to add an additional layer of safety to their browsing habits. 

While FMCSD is required to block certain web content because it may be harmful to students, we also block certain categories that contribute little to our students’ educational experience. Further, devices on loan from the district are to be used for educational purposes only and are not intended for personal use. 

We filter and log student web access and the content they view in a number of ways and it may be important for you to know how that happens. The two biggest factors are the network our students are on as well as the Chrome profile they use. 

Personal Devices

Only personal devices connected to the school wifi are filtered.

When guests, staff, or students bring a personal device into the district and connect to our network we filter which websites and categories are available. This sometimes results in erroneous blocking of websites as the filter may have miscategorized a website. Please contact your teacher or submit a helpdesk request ( if this happens. 

1:1 Device

Students will be filtered and logged no matter where they sign into a school issued device. The district uses a program called GoGuardian to do this. GoGuardian filters stack on top of any network filtering that is happening while on campus. We encourage our students to use a personal Google account for all personal activities. Please note that students will need to use a personal device for personal business as the 1:1 devices only work with school accounts. The Acceptable Use Policy outlines that tampering with this setting may result in disciplinary action. See VANDALISM AND REPAIR: “Do not attempt to “fix” any software, hardware, or system problem, or attempt to add to or delete any programming, software, files, or other components of a system“.  

Please be advised that GoGuardian will automatically take a screenshot if explicit content is detected. Building administration may be notified as a result. This process happens automatically through GoGuardian and is not done by an individual.  

Filter & Log Matrix

1:1 DevicePersonal Device
At SchoolFiltered & LoggedFiltered & Logged
Not At SchoolFiltered & Loggednot filtered & not logged

When and how do we review the logs

We do not actively review logs of students unless issues brought to our attention require that we do so. In certain situations an administrator may receive an email alerting them of specific browsing violations based on severity.

What Can Parents Do

FMCSD recently released an app that allows parents to set additional restrictions on school issued 1:1 devices. GoGuardian Parent is a mobile app to help keep you, as the parents/guardians, aware of your children’s activity on school-issued devices and provides you with additional controls during out-of-school hours. GoGuardian Parent is a companion to the classroom management and internet filtering tools that your child’s school uses for devices issued to students. Please refer to our recent post called “FMCSD Rolls out GoGuardian for Parents” for more information. 

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