Meet Tiffany Wibbell – Lincoln Elementary

Tiffany Wibbell is a third grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary. Ms. Wibbell attended Western Illinois University and got her degree in elementary education. She previously worked for Nauvoo-Colusa district for ten years and Burlington district for three years.

Ms. Wibbell reads to her class!

In Tiffany Wibbell’s free time she enjoys spending time with her family, baking, and bike riding. Her favorite book is “Maniac Magee.” Additionally, Ms. Wibbell’s favorite movie is Inside Out. Her favorite vacation is going to Disney World and the beach, she loves Florida. A fun fact about Ms. Wibbell is that she played soccer during college!

Currently in her class, the students are learning about different countries around the world and how challenging it can be for them to learn and get books. Also, the importance for the citizens to learn and the challenges they need to overcome. The class is also learning how to multiply using tape diagrams and skip counting.

Ms. Wibbell in front of her decorated door!

Ms. Wibbell’s Goal for Her Students:

“For them to have a successful year, even with all the obstacles they are facing,” said Ms. Wibbell.

I love my job, the staff I work with, and the students I teach. This building feels like “home.” Everyone cares for everyone and it is a wonderful place to work!

Ms. Tiffany Wibbell

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