Meet Kelly Hackett – Fort Madison Middle School

Kelly Hackett is a 7/8th grade science teacher at Fort Madison Middle School. Originally, she is from Alexandria, Missouri. Ms. Hackett now resides in Donnellson, IA. Kelly Hackett has her Masters of Education K-8th, from Walden University. Also, her entire teaching career has been at the Fort Madison Middle School.

Ms. Hackett’s students are instructed to take out their daily materials!

In Ms. Hackett’s free time she enjoys reading, pool workouts, spending time with family and friends, walking every day, and Harley rides. Also, her favorite album is anything by George Strait or Little Big Town. Ms. Hackett’s favorite t.v. show is This is Us. Additionally, her favorite vacation is to Hawaii. A fun fact about Ms. Hackett is that she would love to learn how to sign and play the piano.

Ms. Hackett takes attendance!

Currently in her class, the seventh grade students are learning about metabolic reactions in the digestive system. Also, the eighth grade students are learning sound wave characteristics and how sound travels. Ms. Hackett wants to establish a connection each and every one of her students. Ms. Hackett is the Program Leader for the Splash Into Science program that happens bi-annually. Additionally, the Florida trip is set to happen March 27-31, 2021.

Ms. Hackett tells her students about her online lesson taking “5 takes.”

Ms. Hackett’s Goal for Her Students

“My goal is that every student achieves growth in their educational, social, and emotional skills.”

We are all striving to improve student learning, social and emotional well-being, and adaptation to the current platforms for learning.  The current situation has provided an opportunity for improved communication between staff, parents, and students.

Ms. Kelly Hackett

What is Your Favorite Thing About Your Job/District

“That I am an educator of middle school students!  I always thought that I would be an upper level elementary teacher, but middle school science is where I landed and it is where I belong.  I, honestly, could not ever be happier in any position or district than I am in the Fort Madison Community School District.”

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