In the Classroom: Mr. McCannon Takes His Students Outside!

Mr. McCannon decided the weather was too nice not to take advantage of. Throughout the week, he has taken various classes outside to do math with sidewalk chalk. The sidewalk in front of the high school is covered with trigonometry and algebra equations done by FMHS students.

Students ask for help on their problem!

These algebra students were given (x,y) coordinates to solve for based on the equation given. First, the students solved the equation for x. After finding x, the students plugged in the value for x into the second equation to solve for y. Many students checked with Mr. McCannon to make sure their x was correct before moving on to the second part of the equation.

Mr. McCannon gives tips for solving the equation!

The students checked their answers with their classmates and raised their hands when they found differences. Also, after receiving help from Mr. McCannon or his associate, the students would move on to the next problem. Additionally, the students “erased” their mistakes in the equation with their fingers, and went to work making sure they got it right!

Mr. McCannon reviews a student’s equation!

Mr. McCannon wanted to bring some fun to math along with enjoying the nice weather. When asked, all of the students said that they enjoyed their time outside completing problems. One student, Hayden Segoviano said, “It feels less constricting to be outside doing math, I like what we’re doing.”

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