Meet Cassie Billingsley – Lincoln Elementary

Cassie Billingsley is a first grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary. She is originally from Farmington, Iowa. Ms. Billingsley attended Iowa Wesleyan to get her Elementary Education degree K-6. She also has a reading endorsement and a minor in biology!

Ms. Billingsley watches her student write a word, while the rest of the class “sounds it out.”

In Ms. Billingsley’s free time she enjoys hunting and being a mom! In addition, her favorite book is Madeline Finn and the Library Dog. Also, Ms. Billingsley’s favorite movie is Lone Survivor. Her favorite food is french fries. Also, her favorite vacation has been going to Colorado Springs, CO.

Currently in her classroom, the A and B week groups are having a “Battle of the Books.” Each first grade class starts with eight books and they work down to their “champion book.” Cassie Billingsley is excited for this school year. “I love seeing growth every year in my students, also having smaller class sizes lets me work with students easier and allows for more communication and work to get done,” said Ms. Billingsley.

Ms. Billingsley in front of her decorated door!

Ms. Billingsley’s goal for her students is “to grow academically, socially, and emotionally while having fun.” Additionally, her goal for the end of the school year is “to fill my students brains with as much information and knowledge as I possibly can. I want them to love school!”

I love the people I work with and the children I teach.

Ms. Cassie Billingsley

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