Meet Jenni Bentley – Fort Madison Middle School

Jenni Bentley is a sixth grade math teacher at the Fort Madison Middle School. Originally, Ms. Bentley is from Hamilton, Illinois, but she would often visit her dad and his family in Fort Madison. Jenni Bentley attended SCC and Iowa Wesleyan College. She has her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a reading and special education endorsement.

Ms. Bentley with her decorated door!

In Ms. Bentley’s free time she enjoys spending time with my family, being outside, watching FM sporting events, jogging and walking by the river. After receiving her technology degrees, she worked as a computer technician for the district. Ms. Bentley became a teacher for the district in 2014.

Ms. Bentley’s favorite t.v. show is Grey’s Anatomy. In addition, her favorite movie is The Notebook. Ms. Bentley loves Florida, but her favorite vacation is anywhere with a beach, water, and her family. Also, her favorite book is The Giving Tree. Ms. Bentley’s favorite food is anything spicy, she also loves cookie dough and Reese’s.

Ms. Bentley going over area with her students!

Currently in her classroom, Ms. Bentley is taking advantage of the smaller classrooms to build stronger relationships with her students. Academically, her students are working on areas of parallelograms, triangles, and irregular polygons. Students from both weeks work toward a common goal for their Block to earn an ice cream party. The students are ahead of years past at this point in the year.

Ms. Bentley helping her student with her Khan Academy work!

Are You the Sponsor of Any Activities/Clubs?

“I am a 7th grade volleyball coach and created a math bee team with my coworker Ms. Featheringill last year, but we never had the chance to participate. I am hoping this year will be different,” said Ms. Bentley.

My goal for my students is for them to grow in their academic, social and life skills. Every year I think influencing our students to be better humans is equally if not MORE important than all the academic skills they learn in my classroom. Some of the skills I am already teaching and seeing they exhibit are to be kind, accepting, helpful, patient, adaptable, resilient, and problem solvers. These are all skills that will assist them in the future.

Ms. Jenni Bentley

What is Your Favorite Thing About Your Job/District?

“My students. My students fill my days with so much joy and laughter. They really have my heart from the beginning of the year whether they believe it or not,” said Ms. Bentley.

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