FM Elementary’s Problem Solvers of the Week -10/09/2020

Every week FM Elementary (Richardson and Lincoln Elementary) teachers nominate students from each grade level to win the Problem Solvers award. The administration and teachers want to celebrate kids for their innovative, bright minds!

Lincoln Elementary Problem Solvers of the Week:

Problem Solvers of the Week!

Owen Weisinger

“Owen has done a wonderful job this week with watching out and helping other in not only his own class, but watching out for other students in the school. So proud of him.”

Kasen Lumino

“While I (Terrell) was out he was very helpful with his classmates in getting them signed into their chromebooks. And, he is always willing to help!”

Brianna Kemp

“Brianna is kind to everyone, everyday and always including others to join her.”

Aubree Kottenstettee

“Aubree has been participating and working hard in class. She tries to help others when they can’t find their materials.”

Bentley Bonar

“Bentley is empathic and shows a caring nature when others are hurt or upset.”

Wesley Hellige

“Wesley has been very helpful to a friend that needs help with daily tasks.”

Liam Carson (not pictured)

“Liam was right on target with the fire drill. He knew where to walk and stopped and watched for me because he was first in line.”

Richardson Elementary Problem Solvers of the Week:

Problem Solvers of the Week!

Keeley Calvert

“Keeley has came to school ready to learn every day this week! She has a positive attitude at school and is kind to her friends, adults and other students in the building. She helps out both adults and other kids when needed. Keeley has awesome character in her fairness to others.”

Aiden Imthurn (not pictured)

 “Aiden went out of his way to be kind on the playground by seeing someone who was lonely and choosing to play kickball with her.”

Kendric Bruhl

“Kendric does a great job solving problems on his own. He hardly ever has to ask me for help. Kendric is also very quick to help out other students in the classroom when they are having difficulties. Kendric always participates in class and always completes his online work while at home.”

Caden Valdez

“Caden did a great job with trying to problem solve while he was visiting the office.”

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