Meet Derek Doherty – Fort Madison High School

Derek Doherty is a physical science and athletic enhancement teacher at Fort Madison High School. Originally, he is from Fort Madison, Iowa. Derek Doherty attended Monmouth College (#RollScots) and got his degree in education! Mr. Doherty was a substitute teacher right out of college for a few years.

Mr. Doherty preps for his next class!

In his free time, Mr. Doherty enjoys spending time with his family, boating, friends, weight training, Jiu Jitsu, and traveling. His favorite book is Bleachers by John Grisham. In addition, Mr. Doherty’s favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama or The Holiday. Also, his favorite show is Saved By the Bell. Mr. Doherty’s favorite food is lasagna.

Mr. Doherty is teaching about atomic structure in his class!

Currently in his classroom, the students are learning about atomic structure. His goal by the end of the year is to control the “controllables” and be proactive instead of reactive with all of this chaos. Additionally, Mr. Doherty’s goal for his students is to be proficient in the standards. Derek Doherty is also the head football coach, head athletic enhancement coordinator, and assistant wrestling coach. A fun fact about Mr. Doherty is that his aunt, Mrs. Ross, teaches fourth grade at Fort Madison Middle School.

Mr. Doherty checking in to make sure his students are emotionally, physically, and mentally okay!

What is Your Favorite Thing About Your Job/District?

“Giving back like my teachers did for me in a town that gave me a lot growing up”

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