Join The 2020/2021 FMCSD AD HOC Facility Committee

On March 6th the FMCSD asked the community to join us in formatting an AD HOC facilities committee. As we all know things changed just a few days later with COVID-19 and the school shutdowns across the state. The FMCSD would like to once again ask you to consider joining us as we shape the future of our facilities in Bloodhound Nation.

With the passing of the voted Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (VPPEL), the Fort Madison Community School District would like to invite you to participate in forming an Ad Hoc Facilities Committee to help develop a long range facilities plan.

On the committee you will help shape the future of FMCSD by developing a long range facilities plan that addresses our building and learning space needs. The final plan and recommendations will then be taken to the school board. 

A forthcoming Estes report will be the foundation of this committee’s work as the group will analyze their findings of both the Facility Condition Assessment as well as the Facility Needs Assessment.

The committee will hold its first meeting on October 29th from 6:30-8:30 PM to get a foundational understanding of FMCSD’s facilities and options. 

In an effort to develop a recommendation that the whole community can get behind we are looking for members from a variety of different groups listed below.

  • Parent Representative (High School)
  • Parent Representative (Middle School)
  • Parent Representative (Elementary School)
  • Certified Staff (High School)
  • Certified Staff (Middle School)
  • Certified Staff (Elementary School)
  • Classified Staff
  • Students (High School)
  • Local Business Representative
  • Local Government Representative
  • Local Community Member

We are looking for a diverse group and hope that you will consider joining. Please note that not all groups may ultimately be represented on the facilities committee. Further, signing up does not necessarily mean that you will get a spot on the committee as seats are limited. The FMCSD administration will select members from the list of applicants to ensure representation from the roles approved by the FMCSD board listed above. 

To sign up please fill out this form or contact Central Office @ 319.372.7252.

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