Meet Matt Rump – Richardson Elementary

Matt Rump is a physical education teacher at Richardson and Lincoln Elementary. Mr. Rump also coaches Junior High girl’s basketball and Junior Varsity boy’s soccer. Originally, Matt Rump is from Fort Madison, Iowa. Mr. Rump attended the University of Northern Iowa for for undergraduate degree. He attended Iowa Wesleyan for physical education classes, and Emporia State University for graduate school.

Mr. Rump clapping along after dancing at the annual Walk-A-Thon!

In his free time, Mr. Rump enjoys anything to do with sports, a nice cup of coffee, and eating out with his family. His favorite book is Fab Five or Season on the Brink. Additionally, his favorite movie is Good Will Hunting. Also, Mr. Rump’s favorite t.v. show is The Office. His favorite vacation is Hawaii, and his favorite food is pizza. A fun fact about Mr. Rump is that when he was 38 he ran a marathon fast enough to provisionally qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Mr. Rump is the “DJ” at this year’s Walk-A-Thon!

Currently in the “classroom,” Mr. Rump is reviewing recess games for older students, while the younger students are doing a tag unit. Mr. Rump’s goal for his students is to try their best, have fun, and learn to be active. It excites Mr. Rump how everyone is working together this year in the difficult conditions.

Favorite Thing About Your Job/District

“Working with great staff members and students each day!” -Matt Rump

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