Middle School Newsletter – 10/2020

This month’s middle school newsletter is themed as working together as a team. Our middle schoolers have done a great job of working together. The students used their team work skills in Ms. Bentley’s math class. Also, Ms. Knipe and her band worked as a team to perform successfully in the Denmark parade last weekend.

Ms. Bentley’s students working as a team!

In Ms. Bentley’s math class, the students played games in small groups. These groups played a game where the object was to fill a board with as many shapes as possible. After filling the board, the students calculated the area with the shapes that were used. To read more about how one team, ditched the original rules and worked together, read the newsletter below!

Ms. Knipe’s student smiles for the camera before the parade starts!

Ms. Knipe and her students have been split in half while working on marching band this last trimester. Due to Covid-19, the marching band has been practicing in two groups every other week. Hybrid learning did not stop Ms. Knipe and her students from marching and playing together at the Denmark parade. To read more, click below!

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