FM Elementary Problem Solvers of the Week – 10/16/2020

Every week FM Elementary (Richardson and Lincoln Elementary) teachers nominate students from each grade level to win the Problem Solvers award. The administration and teachers want to celebrate kids for their innovative, bright minds!

Lincoln Elementary Problem Solvers

Lincoln Problem Solvers of the Week!

Maddox McCannon: “He is always willing to help his classmates ANY time. He is a friend to everyone and shows kindness to them.” -Ms. Terrell

Kenadi Allen: “Kenadi has been doing a wonderful job this week with participating in class and jumping out of her shell:) She has been a wonderful leader this week and her classmates are following her great example! Keep up the TERRIFIC work!” -Ms. Wibbell

Sophia Conrad: “Sophia always helps others get tasks accomplished and is always encouraging her peers to do their best. Whenever there is a problem in class she is the first one to help solve it.” -Ms. Woolever

Kane Baldwin (Not Pictured): “follows directions, helps others” -Ms. Cashman

Alexis Millard (Not Pictured): “Alexis is very creative and is very helpful. She loves to come with ideas that can solve problems (whether they are hers or her friends.)”

Richardson Elementary Problem Solvers

Richardson Elementary Problem Solvers of the Week!

From Kindergarten:

Darian Ellis: ” Darian does a great job following the rules and showing her classmates what they need to do to be respectful and responsible. ” ~Mrs. Hoenig, Kindergarten teacher 

Jacie Rehm- “Jacie does an excellent job of figuring out what to do if she can’t figure something out! She is also very quick to help others figure out how to fix something or solve their problems. She is very caring and loves helping her teacher and classmates!” ~Mrs. Woodley, Kindergarten teacher

From 1st grade:

Evan Richers– “Evan works hard while he is at school and at home during his online week. He completes all of his work and always brings his folder, planner, and Chromebook to school. He follows the directions and is a great helper. Evan does not ask for much help and problem solves to take care of his needs while he is at school.” ~Mrs. Hardin

Sophia Lawson- “Sophia is a great problem solver. She is always solving problems on her own and helping other students out as well. Even when it was snack time and someone couldn’t open their snack, she said they could get out their scissors and cut it open. What a great problem solver!! She also comes to school with a great attitude everyday and is so happy!!!” ~Mrs Trout, 1st grade teacher

From 2nd grade:

Billy Kryzak– “Billy demonstrates walking safety and responsibility before and after school every day. ” -Mr. McKay, Principal

Dreu Ellis– “Dreu is aware of her classmates’ feelings and tries to help everyone feel better. For example, a classmate was sitting alone on the playground and Dreu went over to ask him if he was ok and to invite him to play.” ~Mrs. Neaves, 2nd grade teacher

From 3rd grade:

John Goldsberry- “While John was outside the building, he saw a guest trip on a step up from the sidewalk. John was concerned for the guest’s safety, and checked with the janitor to see if he had yellow paint to mark the step. The janitor told John he would have to get some, so John had staff help him get paint from the classroom and (temporarily) painted the step himself. ” ~Anna Hayes, Paraeducator

Jaxon Brooks- “Jaxon did a great job creating a solution on his own to make his house design windproof during a science experiment.” ~Mrs. Yeh, Paraeducator

“Honorable mentions”
Rowan Doherty, 1st- “Rowan invited a student to play with him after the student was told he couldn’t play with his friends. ” ~Ms. Reu, 1st grade teacher  

Gunner Perry, 3rd- “Gunner always uses his manners. Please and thank you to everyone he encounters. He is always safe, respectful and responsible. He also takes his time and works hard everyday.” ~Mrs Hennigar, 3rd grade teacher

Brae Hill, 3rd– “Brae actively participates every day that he is in class as well as doing all assigned work at home. He has been working very hard! In addition, Brae has been very welcoming to a new student in our class, ensuring he knows what to do and has someone to play with at recess. He is always willing to help his classmates and me in the classroom.” ~Mrs. Vincent, 3rd grade teacher 

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