Meet Sean Pixler – Fort Madison Middle School

Sean Pixler is a seventh and eighth grade social studies teacher at Fort Madison Middle School. Originally, Mr. Pixler is from Perry, Iowa. He attended University of Northern Iowa to receive his bachelor’s degree in secondary social science education. Additionally, Sean Pixler’s entire teaching career has been at Fort Madison Middle School. He started teaching here in 2006.

Mr. Pixler prepping for his next class!

In his free time, Mr. Pixler enjoys fishing (especially ice fishing) and being outdoors in general, watching college football and basketball, and spending time with his family. His favorite food is Pho, a Vietnamese soup. Also, his favorite vacation spot is visiting his brother and sister-in-law in Montana. Rock is his favorite genre of music. A fun fact about Mr. Pixler is that he manages beehives during the summer and into the fall.  This year he has 480 which will stay in Southeast Iowa through October before going out to California to pollinate almond orchards during the winter.

Mr. Pixler starts each class by showing them some good news!

Currently in his classroom, his students are learning about the causes and effects of population growth in Geography and the beginning of Colonization in the New World in U.S. History. Mr. Pixler oversees the recycling at Fort Madison Middle School.

We have teachers that have been making great sacrifices in time and energy to make the hybrid and online learning models as successful as it can be under the circumstances. I am encouraged and fortunate to work with so many people that have this level of devotion and care.

Mr. Sean Pixler

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Job/District?

“I enjoy the people I work with and the students. I know that sounds like an obvious answer, but that is the truth. I don’t have family within 3 hours of Fort Madison so, I can honestly say that I moved here for a job, but I stayed because of the people.”

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