Meet Eran Terrell – Lincoln Elementary

Eran Terrell is a third grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary. Originally, Ms. Terrell is from Nauvoo, Illinois. She attended Nova Southeastern in Tampa, Florida. Eran Terrell got her degree in Elementary Education and previously worked as a teacher in Florida for ten years.

In her free time, Ms. Terrell likes spending time with her friends and family. Her favorite book is Frindle. Ms. Terrell’s favorite movies are Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, and Sixteen Candles. Also, her favorite t.v. show is This is Us. Ms. Terrell says, “It’s hard to pick just one.  Our family had a great time on a Carnival Cruise that went to the Bahamas. Because of our daughter, we were invited to go backstage and meet the cast of the shows on the cruise.  And, any visit back to Florida is a good vacation!”

Ms. Terrell helping a student with time!

Currently in her classroom, Ms. Terrell’s students are working on four paragraph essays. The students are also learning about measurements and how to tell time. A fun fact about Ms. Terrell is that she has ridden in a hot air balloon before. Ms. Terrell’s goal for the end of the year is for her students to be prepared for middle school.

Ms. Terrell with her decorated door!

What is Your Favorite Thing About Your Job/District?

“My favorite thing about my job is working with a great group of people.  Having a great team makes it easy to go to work everyday.”

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