Meet David Zaccari – Fort Madison High School

David Zaccari is the band director at the Fort Madison High School. Mr. Zaccari also sponsors the marching band and jazz ensemble.

David Zaccari is the director of the high school band program as well as a music teacher. Originally, Mr. Zaccari is from Greensburg, Pennsylvania. He attended Westminster College and majored in Music Education. David Zaccari has previously worked at school districts in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Mr. Zaccari preps for his next class!

In his free time, Mr. Zaccari enjoys writing, recording, and performing music in a variety of genres and instruments. He also enjoys camping, backpacking, boulder hopping, spelunking, golfing, and spending lots of time with his family. His favorite book is The Hobbit. Mr. Zaccari’s favorite vacation was backpacking through the Laurel Highlands hiking trail. Mr. Zaccari says a fun fact about himself is, “I have played in a number of rock and alternative-fusion bands as drummer, singer, and guitar player starting as early as my freshman year of high school. I’ve recorded over a dozen albums and played countless shows across Pennsylvania and Ohio.”

Mr. Zaccari plays the guitar for his classroom!

Currently in his classroom, his students are securing their curriculum goals while transitioning from marching band to concert band. His goal for his students is, “to be so awesome they even amaze themselves.” Mr. Zaccari is the sponsor of marching band and the jazz ensemble.

Mr. Zaccari goes over notes on the board!

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Job/District?

“I’ve worked as a professional band director for four districts in seven different buildings. The administration here at Fort Madison is hands down the absolute best across the board.”

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