FM Elementary Problem Solvers of the Week – 10/30/20

Every week FM Elementary (Richardson and Lincoln Elementary) teachers nominate students from each grade level to win the Problem Solvers award. The administration and teachers want to celebrate kids for their innovative, bright minds!

Lincoln Elementary Problem Solvers

Lincoln Problem Solvers of the Week!

Evan Britt: “Evan did a great job of helping others this week.”

Jayden Schiedel: “Jayden was helping another boy in his class who didn’t know what to do during class.”

Charlee  Overberg (Not Pictured): “Charlee is always able to solve her own problems and helps others as well! I can count on her to be safe responsible and respectful!”

Kolton Chapman: “Kolton makes good choices in the classroom and helps his friends.”

Sioux Hancock: “Sioux has been working very hard in school and is kind to each of her friends.”

Carolyne Tucker: “Carolyne is a great friend and helper to her peers. She helps others by listening to directions and repeating them to peers that need it again. She helps others by listening to their concerns and helping them come up with possible solutions.”

Sophia Gress: “Sophia is kind to her classmates. If you someone is left or sad, she will include them or ask what is wrong.”

Kaelyn Deen: “Kaelyn was stuck on a word with her writing. She kept saying she knows we have learned that sight word before. She used her resources, our classroom wordwall, to find the sight word she was looking for so she can spell it correctly!”

Azalea Charbonneau: “Has done a really great job completing her work here at school and online. She has been working hard in class discussion as well.”

Ivy Kempker: “Helped Ms. King find another student’s IPAD for him when Ms. King was subbing for Mrs. McClellan.”

Richardson Elementary Problem Solvers

Richardson Elementary Problem Solvers of the Week!

Oliver West: “While outside in the cold, Oliver saw a friend struggling and ran over to help him put on his gloves. ” -Ms. Linsey, paraeducator

Oliver Burdette: “Oliver showed perseverance this week. He had some self doubt when writing a word, he overcame this by trying and accomplishing his goal! Great job Oliver!” -Mrs. Johnson, Kindergarten teacher  

Brantley Nesheim: “Brantley was super helpful to a classmate that was struggling to understand an activity. He explained it to her, helped her get started and then I noticed him go back and check in with her a couple of times to see how she was doing and to encourage her. ” -Mrs. Braves, 2nd grade teacher

Parker Tippey: “At morning recess, Parker was playing well with friends and including everyone. Then when the bell ran, he problem solved by himself on where to put the playground ball and let staff know where he put it since the ball cart was not out yet.” -Mrs. Featheringill, Library Associate

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