Meet Adonica Brunenn – Fort Madison High School

Adonica Brunenn is a science teacher at Fort Madison High School. Originally, she is from Illinois. Ms. Brunenn attended Culver-Stockton College and Western Illinois University. She has a bachelor of science in biology degree, as well as a master of science in microbiology degree.

Ms. Brunenn fills in the equation!

In her free time, Ms. Brunenn likes to spend as much time with her family as possible. They like to attend sporting events. Her favorite t.v. show is Golden Girls. Additionally, her favorite food is pizza and chocolate cake. Adonica Brunenn prefers not to travel. She used to play the piano semi-professionally. A fun fact about Ms. Brunenn is that she was voted “Most School Spirit” in high school.

Ms. Brunenn refers to the periodic table!

Currently in the classroom, Ms. Brunenn and her students are starting a unit on chemical reactions in Chemistry. Ms. Brunenn’s goal for students and herself is to learn something new. Her favorite thing about the job is her colleagues.

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