FM Elementary Problem Solvers of the Week – 11/6/20

Every week FM Elementary (Richardson and Lincoln Elementary) teachers nominate students from each grade level to win the Problem Solvers award. The administration and teachers want to celebrate kids for their innovative, bright minds!

Lincoln Elementary Problem Solvers

Lincoln Elementary Problem Solvers!

Hunter Conrad: “Hunter is very responsible and he solves his own problems and helps others.” -Ms. Martin

Sebastian Mason: “Sebastian has helped multiple students in the classroom this week when trying to log on to our chromebooks. He noticed that I was busy helping other students and took the initiative to help other students get logged in and show them where to go. He then quietly went back to his seat after each time.” -Ms. Howard

Miles Eastin: “Used skills given to him to become the best student and work hard everyday.” -Ms. Billingsley

Logan Zimmerman: “Logan is always helping his classmates and including them.” -Ms. Nagel

Jazlyn Fortune: “helps others, kind to all students, and works hard” -Ms. Cashman

Aubree Thatcher and Boss Maestro: “Aubree and Boss have joined us from 100% online learning and they have been able to join right in with us. They have not been afraid to ask questions to ensure they are successful!” -Ms. Wheeler

Connor Hellige: “Connor is always looking out for his classmates and making sure everyone is taken care of. If anyone needs help, Connor is the first one to jump into action. Keep up the wonderful work Connor!” -Ms. Wibbell

Hayden Blanchard: “Hayden does a wonderful job solving problems or attempting to on his own before he asks for help. A sink was plugged in the bathroom and he problem solved then came and told me how he fixed it.” -Ms. Woolever

Richardson Elementary Problem Solvers

Richardson Elementary Problem Solvers!

Jace Miller: “Jace used his problem-solving skills and made a connection between letters and sounds. I’m proud of him!”  -Mrs. Johnson, Kindergarten teacher

Taraji Ingram: “Mrs. Hoenig had extra recess duty and Taraji picked up all the balls from the kindergarten recess that were left out and not put back on the rack. She was being responsible for school belongings. ” -Mrs. Hoenig, Kindergarten teacher

Ryder Metcalf– “Ryder actively participates in class and has been working at home on his sight words. Thursday while Kindergarten was outside at lunch recess, I found Ryder picking up trash that he found on the playground. ” -Ms. Danielle, Paraeducator

Hailie Eid: “Hailie is always willing to help another student out. She is the first to volunteer to help someone.” -Mrs. Denning, 2nd-grade teacher

Bella Noll– “Bella saw a student/peer struggling with finding a friend to play with. Bella stepped in and offered to play with her.” -Mr. McKay, Principal

Jacqueline Vincent– “Jacqueline is such a sweet and mannerly girl. She listens and does her work correctly in class and she completes all of her online work as well. Great Student!” -Mrs. Larson, 3rd-grade teacher

Amelia Bruhl– “As we were going down the steps, Amelia reminded her friends to stay on the right side so that others can pass through going up the other side of the steps. Thank you for being safe, respectful, and responsible Amelia!” – Richardson Associate (Anonymous)

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