High School Newsletter – 11/2020

The carpentry team partners with Mohrfield to build a house. Mr. Kobelt and his crew will spend the next two trimesters finishing this project. The carpentry program lasts for three trimesters, the class itself lasts for two class periods each day.

Ms. Crandall and her culinary team compete in the Iron Chef competition. The team competed “virtually” by cooking at FMHS this year. During the competition, Lucas Day cooked the main course. Lauren Bailey and Ember Johnson prepared an appetizer. Ariana Brantner baked a dessert for the judges.

Assistant Principal Patrick Lamb writes about the high school’s new standard based grading policy. To read more about standard based grading, click here: https://www.fmcsd.org/2020/11/13/standards-based-learning-whats-not-changing/

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