FM Elementary Problem Solvers – 12/11/2020

Every week FM Elementary (Richardson and Lincoln Elementary) teachers nominate students from each grade level to win the Problem Solvers award. The administration and teachers want to celebrate kids for their innovative, bright minds!

Lincoln Elementary Problem Solvers!

Lincoln Elementary Problem Solvers!

Kayleb Davidshofer: “Kayleb has been great at helping other students problem solve while learning during the hour of code.” -Ms. Hellige

Soren Schelich: “Soren has been such a great helper in the classroom this week. Anytime she is finished with her work, she has offered to help her friends that are struggling! She has welcomed our student that came from 100% online back into the classroom very kindly. I have commended her on it this week and I feel she should be recognized for it.” -Ms. Howard

Brielle Hall: “Completes all her work and rarely has to ask me questions because she listens to directions.” -Ms. Billingsley

Hunter Danielson: “Always works hard, completes all work in the classroom and online. Hunter is kind to students in the classroom and always wants to help out.” -Ms. Cashman

Keshet Kelly: “Keshet tries to solve all problems on her own before asking for help. She then asks others to help her get started so they she can continue on own. She helps others before they even ask!” -Ms. Woolever

Rylee Bernard: “Rylee has been doing a wonderful job following along and participating in class discussion. Rylee has been doing a fantastic job being aware of what is happening around her and jumping in to help out.” -Ms. Wibbell.

Richardson Elementary Problem Solvers!

Richardson Elementary Problem Solvers!

Calvin Morehouse- ” Calvin is always prepared for class and is a very good listener. He volunteers to answer questions, help his classmates and completes his work that is assigned.” ~Mrs. Hoenig, Kindergarten teacher  

Addison Sveback- “Addison is such a great helper in the classroom. We started learning how to log into an app on our ipads, and she was the first to figure out how to do it consistently, and since has been helping others learn how to log in as well. She always participates in class, and does an excellent job getting her work done neatly!” ~Mrs. Woodley, Kindergarten teacher  

Xavier Lee- “Xavier is beginning to really enjoy learning. He is picking up on skills that will help him in his educational career! It is fun watching his learning progress!” ~Mrs. Johnson, Kindergarten teacher 

Jace Palmer- “Jace has had a great week. He has done a fabulous job transitioning back to F2F learning. He returned all his materials and brings his computer every day. During class, he raises his hand and participates. He is a rockstar and I am so proud of him! ” ~Mrs. Hardin, 1st grade teacher 

Parker Hardin- “Parker is very helpful with getting his friends on task and making sure his peers are doing exactly what they are supposed to.” ~Mrs. Reu, 1st grade teacher 

Maeve Martin- “Meave is such a great student and helper. Meave is always doing her work and helping others with theirs. Meave is a very independent worker and hardly needs any help with directions. Maeve always comes to school happy and ready to learn. I enjoy Maeve in my classroom so much!!” ~Mrs. Trout, 1st grade teacher

Abrahm Kemper- “Abrahm worked hard during online learning and has come back to school engaged and excited to learn. He is showing lots of educational progress, even during the shut down, and this success has him excited for more learning.” ~Mrs. Neaves, 2nd grade teacher   

Kelbi Maher- “Kelbi did a great job in creating code to solve the puzzle in Computer Science.” ~Mr. Blanchard, 2nd grade teacher

Maliqu Bowie- “A student in class dropped their pencil box with the contents spilling all over the floor. Maliqu helped the other student pick it up without being asked. Maliqu’s actions were very respectful and responsible!” ~Mrs. Hennigar, 3rd grade teacher

Aubrey Davis- ” Aubrey has been working very hard in the classroom, doing her best work every day. She is alway willing to help her classmates and her teachers. ” ~Mrs. Vincent, 3rd grade teacher

Gannon Sargent- “Gannon always has a smile for me when I come into the building and he never fails to offer help when he sees that I have my hands full or am carrying too many items. He always waves or says hello, even if he is having a “bad day”. He has even offered me his candy bar when he thought that I wanted one. I feel that little things can mean so much to others and deserves recognition.” ~Ms. Natalie, Janitorial Services

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