Meet Jenny Nye – Fort Madison High School

Jenny Nye is a front desk receptionist at Fort Madison High School. Originally, Ms. Nye is from the New London/Danville area. She graduated from SCC in 2015, then continued on to Buena Vista University. Ms. Nye got her English degree in 2019.

Ms. Nye with the office Christmas tree!

In her free time, Ms. Nye enjoys reading, crossword puzzles, gardening, Pinterest, decorating, bargain shopping, watching Hulu, Netflix and walking. Her favorite book is In the Garden Trilogy by Nora Roberts. She enjoys reading anything by Nora Roberts or Kristin Hannah. Additionally, her favorite movie is Pride & Prejudice (2005).

Also, her favorite t.v. shows are Chrisley Knows Best and the Real Housewives franchise. Jenny Nye’s favorite food is chicken lips from Martini’s. Her favorite vacation was to Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes, Colorado. She enjoys listening to podcasts rather than music. Additionally, her favorite podcasts are “The Armchair Expert” and “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.”

Ms. Nye answering calls!

Some fun facts about Ms. Nye is that her favorite color is purple. She has four cats. Additionally, Jenny has three teenage daughters Natalie, Layla, and Brynn. Her and her husband will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this year on December 21st.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Job/The District?

“Greeting students and staff as they come in the door,” said Jenny Nye.

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