FM Elementary Problem Solvers – 1/08/2021

Every week FM Elementary (Richardson and Lincoln Elementary) teachers nominate students from each grade level to win the Problem Solvers award. The administration and teachers want to celebrate kids for their innovative, bright minds!

Lincoln Elementary Problem Solvers!

Check out Lincoln Elementary Problem Solvers!

Caiden Eaves: “Caiden has helped other kids solve problems like helping someone put on their coat.” -Ms. Martin

Fredrick Toby: “Getting his work done without complaining and not asking any questions, but listening to directions first.” -Ms. Billingsley

Eryn Steffen: “Eryn has been respectful and on task all week.” -Ms. Nagel

Ryder Hemmie: “Ryder has been working really hard in class. Truing to complete tasks on this own before asking for help.” – Ms. Cashman

Nilie Menke: “Nilie is a wonderful student to have in class. She is a great friend to her classmates and always makes sure everyone is included!!” -Ms. Wibbell

Niko Taylor: “Niko comes to school each day with an ‘I Can Do It!’ attitude. Even when the material is a challenge for him, he gives it his all to understand and complete it. Very proud of Niko for all his hard work!!” -Ms. Terrell

Richardson Elementary Problem Solvers

Problem Solver Hazel with her teacher!

Hazel Enger- “Hazel has displayed a giving spirit since her first birthday as she has always wanted to help others and has seen others do the same for her. Hazel raises funds on her birthday each year to support specific organizations. Hazel directed her fundraising to Richardson’s PTO this year to support the development of a refabricated and dedicated sensory space for students with various sensory needs. Hazel’s act of kindness will be a contributing factor in supporting a wide range of students for years to come. Hazel always comes to school ready to learn with a smile on her face. She is respectful to adults and peers in the classroom and works hard every day. She is such a joy to have in class.” ~Ms. Tonya, Preschool teacher and Mr. McKay, Principal

Richardson Elementary Problem Solvers!

Zada Ilmburger- “During snack time a student spilled their milk and was cleaning it up. Zada got up and helped her clean up her milk spill. She said kind words to her and then went and sat back down.” ~Mrs. Hoenig, Kindergarten teacher

Noah Munsen- ” Noah showed respect to a new student by volunteering to help him learn where to put his items away and with classroom routines.” ~Ms. Jennifer,  Special Education teacher

Amiyah Flores- ” Amiyah works very hard to do her best work. She also includes other students into activities. She is a great friend!” ~Mrs. Johnson, Kindergarten teacher 

Natalie Richers- “Natalie is always giving compliments to fellow peers and is always using her manners. She is also a very hard worker!” ~Ms. Reu, 1st grade teacher

Tony Pettigrew- “Tony has done a great job transitioning back to school after winter break. He follows directions and works hard while he is in the classroom. I am SO proud of him!” ~Mrs. Hardin, 1st grade teacher

Emmett Stein- “When another student in our class needed snow boots, Emmett volunteered to help the student find the closet and then gave up some of his recess time to stay and help them find a pair that fit. ” ~Mrs. Neaves, 2nd grade teacher

Raena Olsson- “Raena remembered all of her materials after break. She also remembers to dress appropriately for the weather outdoors.” ~Mrs. Jones, 3rd grade teacher 

Grace Eaves- “Grace has continuously helped students up and down the stairs this week without being asked.” ~Ms. Hawkins, 3rd Grade teacher

Braydon Donaldson- “Braydon has been a good friend this week. He helped a classmate pick up items that fell out of their pencil box after it accidentally fell on the floor, and then made sure they knew where we were at in the workbook. I am very proud of Braydon kindness.” ~Mrs. Vincent, 3rd grade teacher

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