High School Newsletter – 01/2021

Happy New Year! Principal Greg Smith shares a message in this month’s newsletter. “Welcome to 2021! This is a new year and I want to look forward because I’m so grateful we all made it to this moment. Let’s stop and let that sink in. Let’s pause and remember that we are the lucky ones. We really are. So many others didn’t make it here. Now, I know you may be reading this and feeling anything but lucky right now. Maybe your holiday wasn’t filled with joy. Maybe it was difficult in ways you never imagined. What matters, though, is today. It’s actually all we have. Here we are, each of us, together in community,” said Mr. Smith. To read the entire message, click the newsletter below.

The FMHS Iron Chef Team updates the high school on their win for the competition. Senior Lauren Bailey shares her experience with the Iron Chef competition. Read more below.

There is a lot going on in January at FMHS. If you want to join yearbook, read more in the newsletter. Fans can now attend games if they are wearing a mask. A new club is at FMHS! The high school welcomes anyone interested in knitting club, please read more down below. 

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