FM Elementary Problem Solvers – 1/15/21

Every week FM Elementary (Richardson and Lincoln Elementary) teachers nominate students from each grade level to win the Problem Solvers award. The administration and teachers want to celebrate kids for their innovative, bright minds!

Lincoln Elementary Problem Solvers!

Problem Solvers at Lincoln Elementary!

Hannah Freitag: “Hannah does a great job of inviting others to play with her. She is a great listener and shares her ideas with the class.” -Ms. Hellige

Malaysia Dunlap: “Malaysia was a problem solver this week by helping clean our classroom without being asked.” -Ms. Martin

Levi Bousselot: “Levi is such a good student and works hard at figuring out problems that he has. He also has help me come up with solutions to problems our class may have as well.” -Ms. Billingsley

Zayne Prior: “Zayne works hard, always puts forth effort. He is great at helping others.” -Ms. Cashman

Avery Poteet: “Avery is always willing to help others and is not afraid to ask for help when she needs it!” -Ms. Wheeler

Lilyan Higbee: “Lilyan is always willing to help others and is not afraid to ask for help when she needs it!” -Ms. Wheeler

Marcus Thele: “Marcus worked very hard this week, especially during math. He is always kind to the adults and his peers.” -Ms. Nagel

Samuel Ramsey: “Samuel has been doing a wonderful job in the classroom helping his classmates and his teacher. He listens to directions, and follows them quickly. Samuel is an All Star Student this week!!” -Ms. Wibbell

De’Shon Robinson: “Has been working hard and putting forth his best effort when completing his tasks in class.” -Ms. Terrell

Richardson Elementary Problem Solvers!

Richardson Elementary Problem Solvers!

Sawyer Garcia- “Sawyer has been absent and has returned ready to learn. He figured out the changes in our routines and procedures. He is very kind to his peers and helps them when he can.” -Mrs. Johnson, Kindergarten teacher

Jesus Solano-Gastelum- “Jesus has been completing all of his seesaw activities daily. He works hard on his assignments and submits all of his assignments daily. Jesus is on time and works hard during his Google Meets with me. He is a Rockstar in the classroom and works hard every day.” Ms. Tonya, Preschool teacher

Kaysen Cresswell-  “Kaysen has been working really hard on his letter sounds and sight words.  We’ve been working on speed and accuracy, Kaysen has pushed himself to do better each time we practice.  He is such a hard worker, and a great friend to everyone in the classroom.  He is very helpful to other students that need help logging on to their tablet, opening snack, getting supplies, ect.” -Mrs. Woodley, Kindergarten teacher

Aryanna Winn- “While outside at recess, Aryanna went around and picked up all of the balls and placed them on the ball rack after the whistle blew and all the other students lined up. She also comes to school every day ready to learn and she is really making progress. I have loved watching her come out of her shell this year and making new friends!” -Ms. Danielle, Paraeducator

Opie Marshall-  “Opie is always ready to learn and ready to do something new.  He is prepared and polite.  He is such a joy to work with.” -Mrs. Hoenig, Kindergarten teacher  

Natalie Wellman- “Natalie was a good friend to a fellow student that had hurt his arm, by helping him carry his backpack into school. ” -Ms. Cathy, Paraeducator

Ameya Pettigrew- “Ameya is always such a sweetheart, and this week she did the nicest thing. It’s pretty icy outside our classroom door, so I always tell the kids to be careful walking on the ice. I had recess duty and we were headed outside, Ameya came back to me, grabbed my hand and said, “so you don’t fall Ms. Shehan”. She helped me carefully walk to the playground, and after recess she helped me back to the door. ” – Ms. Shehan, 1st grade teacher

Anthony Starks- “Anthony is very respectful and responsible. He is always prepared and has the materials he needs to complete his assignments. He raises his hand and participates in classroom activities. He follows the directions and always does what is asked of him! Way to go Anthony! I am so proud of YOU! :)” -Mrs. Hardin, 1st grade teacher

Hunter Burnett- “Hunter is a wonderful kid!!! He is always helping others and doing things for others. I love that he is always in a good mood and willing to help out anyone.” -Mrs. Denning, 2nd grade teacher

Alaina Helmick- “Alaina showed responsibility by making sure the playground equipment got picked up and put away after recess.” -Ms. Jennifer, Special Education teacher

Jayden Fedler- “Jayden works hard to complete all class work and always does it a great attitude!” – Mrs. Hennigar, 3rd grade teacher

Sophia Daman- “Since starting face-to-face learning, Sophia has done a great job adapting to the classroom environment. She stays on task in the classroom and follows directions well. Sophia works well with others and is kind. The students are excited to have her in our classroom. ” -Ms. Hawkins, 3rd grade teacher

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