Meet Shalisse Johnstun – Fort Madison High School

Shalisse Johnstun is an English, Humanities, TAG, and Robotics teacher/sponsor, as well as a raptor trainer. Originally, Ms. Johnstun is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She attended Southern Utah University with a BS in History, English, and Secondary Education. Ms. Johnstun then got her master’s degree in Humanities at California State. She is now working on getting her doctorate in History.

Ms. Johnstun takes attendance!

In her free time, Ms. Johnstun enjoys research, genealogy, hiking, camping, writing, crochet, travel, exploring old cemeteries, battlefields, national parks and monuments, archives, and museums both big and small. Her favorite book Huck Finn, A Christmas Carol, Shakespeare, she is currently reading two books, Good Lord Bird and The Life You Can Save. Ms. Johnstun’s favorite t.v. show is Modern Family. Additionally, her whole family got to go to Disneyland on the day of the 50th Anniversary.

The park gave out special golden Mickey ears to everyone who was there. Disneyland is a place of many incredibly special family memories.

Shalisse Johnstun
Ms. Johnstun prepares for class!

Currently in the classroom, Ms. Johnstun is teaching 15 different classes with the E-learning classes on top of her regular load. Ms. Johnstun’s goal for her students is to know they can do something that is hard, that it’s about growth and progressing not about who is the best at something. “Grit can get you a long way in life. My personal motto is ‘Learning Lives Forever,’ and I try to model that I am too still learning for my students. I also want them to look at the world, and their own town in ways they never have before and be open to new experiences and ideas,” said Ms. Johnstun.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Job/The District?

“The students. It’s always been and will always be the students,” said Ms. Johnstun.

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