FM Elementary Problems Solvers – 1/29/2021

Every week FM Elementary (Richardson and Lincoln Elementary) teachers nominate students from each grade level to win the Problem Solvers award. The administration and teachers want to celebrate kids for their innovative, bright minds!

Lincoln Elementary Problem Solvers!

The Problem Solvers at Lincoln Elementary!

Kaydon Hauck: “Working hard and trying your best :)” -Ms. Pollpeter

Tucker Long: “Tucker has been starting to solve his own problems in our classroom.” -Ms. Martin

Toby Davis: “Toby is doing a nice job solving problems, working with others and participating in a group.” -Ms. Loots

Scout Barnes: “Always helping out in the classroom and showing other students where to go or what they missed.” -Ms. Billingsley

Nathan Peters: “Nathan is very creative and works very hard every day!” -Ms. Wheeler

Jackson Chapman: “Jackson has a way of every time he comes into a room he makes everyone smile. He brings out the best of his classmates, all while trying his hardest.” -Ms. Wibbell

Charlee Ellis: “Shows responsibility every day! She comes to school with a positive attitude and gives 110% when doing her work, even online school! I am very proud of her.” -Ms. Terrell

Richardson Elementary Problem Solvers

The problem solvers at Richardson Elementary!

Sylvester Starks- “Sylvester works very hard in the classroom and during online learning google meet sessions. He always comes to class ready to learn (In person or online). He is always willing to help teachers and peers when someone needs help. Keep up the great work Sylvester! ” ~Mrs. Campbell, Preschool teacher

Davis Rung- ” Davis is quick to do his work, whether in school or virtually. He gives 100% and seems to enjoy what we do. He took the time to do an extra assignment on Virtual Day number 2. He and his family took the time to build a snow volcano. Nice Work!” ~Mrs. Hoenig, Kindergarten teacher 

Amber Banks- “Amber is new to our school. She has done a remarkable job learning our routines and has made many friends. She has learned Seesaw and completes all her activities. She is a good listener and participates readily in class.” ~Mrs. Johnson, Kindergarten teacher

Christian Delaney- “Christian did all of his online learning on Monday & Tuesday when virtual learning took place. Even though he didn’t get to it during the day, he worked hard and completed all of his work in the evening when he had help to do it. I am so proud of you Christian for working so hard. Keep up the good work!!!” ~Mrs. Trout, 1st grade teacher, and Mrs. Jannusch, student teacher

Alexis Emde- “Alexis is an amazing helper in the classroom. She not only helps her classmates, but she also helps Ms. Reu pick up the room by picking things up off the floor and pushing in chairs. She is also saying please and thank you!” ~Ms. Reu, 1st grade teacher

Dayton Hodges- “He did a great job of doing his school work at home when we had snow days this week. He spent the most time online doing learning activities.” ~Mr. Blanchard, 2nd grade teacher

Lilyana Hansen- “Lilyana has been so helpful to me as a substitute. I rely on her to help with routine questions and with finding materials. She showed responsibility by completing the online work while at home during the past 2 snow days.” ~Mrs. Dohman, Substitute teacher

Kasen Montez- “On SEL Wednesday, Richardson Elementary students learned about “flipping your lid”. On his own, Kasen used the information he learned from that lesson to describe a time when he became upset. Awesome job using the new information you learned and applying it to your daily life, Kasen! I’m very proud of you!” ~Ms Ledbetter, Social Worker

Nyla Helt- “Nyla consistently gives her best effort in everything she does. I can always count on her to be an active participant and a good partner with any classmate.” ~Mrs. Jones, 3rd grade teacher

Elijah Pilkington- “Elijah has been working hard on being a problem solver. When conflict approaches him, he is quick to tell Ms. Hawkins rather than reacting to the conflict. Elijah has also been working hard in the classroom. He has been trying really hard in math. I am proud of the hard work he has done!” ~Ms. Hawkins, 3rd grade teacher

Aaliyah Spindlow- “Aaliyah is a very responsible 3rd grader. She has the cleanest and most organized desk in the class. She is always the first one to offer to help me clean up the classroom when needed.” ~Mrs. Vincent, 3rd grade

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