FMCSD ask voters to weigh-in on use of SAVE funds

On March 2, 2021, Fort Madison Community School District residents will have an opportunity to authorize the use of Iowa’s SAVE (Secure an Advanced Vision for Education) funds for district-wide building upgrades.  

Voter support of the revenue purpose statement would give the Fort Madison Community School District access to state funds for building improvements at no additional cost to taxpayers.


  • Improved learning environments for ALL students of Fort Madison Community School District, from PK to 12
  • Enhanced access to 21st Century learning spaces and extracurricular programs 
  • Committing district resources to two future-focused buildings


“Our role was to discuss what is best for the whole community. We talked to students and teachers, and the community forums were excellent. After looking at the data, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the best solution for our community and that everyone got to express their support or non-support. I am excited by the opportunity!”  – Joni McLees, Parent and Ad HOC committee member


Based on input from our community and the work of the Ad HOC committee, the first phase of the district-wide facility master plan (funded by SAVE) would likely include:

  • Single campus for PK-6 grade students at the current Fort Madison Middle School site
    • Addition of PK-1 specialized learning environments and multi-purpose spaces
    • Improved site traffic circulation
    • Addition of outdoor play areas for PK-1 and grades 2-6
  • Single campus for grades 7/8 grade students at the current Fort Madison High School site 
    • Additions of 7/8 grade specialized learning environments, gymnasium and locker rooms
    • Remodeled student commons area and kitchen services
    • New main entry and site circulation for improved safety, security and traffic flow

Work in future phases, as funding is available, would provide additional improvements to support middle and high school students. That long-term vision includes a potential new auditorium and fine arts remodel, maker space expansions and remodeling to already existing learning environments.   

“I went in with an open mind, but leaning toward a new Elementary, as I was a PTO President and a long-time supporter of that idea,” said Joni McLees. “But lots of discussion about declining enrollment, costs, and possibilities, and QLEO numbers made us realize that the biggest bang for our buck is to expand the two best buildings we have. The Middle School location made sense for younger students and the High School location made sense for the 7-8th graders to be a part of. This makes sense for the future too, only maintaining two buildings is more cost-effective.”

For more information, please visit the district website or call Central Office at (319) 372-7252

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