Meet Sonya Sirois – Lincoln Elementary

Sonya Sirois is the K-8th Talented and Gifted Teacher at the Fort Madison Community School District. Originally, she is from Waverly, Iowa. She attended Concordia College to receive her bachelors. Additionally, Ms. Sirois got her masters from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

In her free time, Sonya Sirois enjoys reading, boating, and spending time with her family in the Ozarks. Her favorite book is A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. Additionally, her all-time favorite show is The Office. Sonya Sirois’s favorite vacation was a Mediterranean cruise. Also, her favorite album is anything by Bruce Springsteen.

Ms. Sirois assists a student with their activity!

A fun fact about Ms. Sirois is that she learned how to play the violin a few years ago. Currently in the Lincoln classrooms, Ms. Sirois is working with the whole class talking about different thinking skills: Convergent/Divergent/Visual thinking. While in the middle school classrooms, Ms. Sirois is working with the students on various enrichment projects.

Ms. Sirois talking to the student about the type of thinking they are doing!

Ms. Sirois’s goal for her students is that they will leave middle school having learned strategies for problem solving, techniques to be creative thinkers, developed communication skills, and finally that the students will recognize their strengths and use those strengths to be contributors to society.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Job/The District?

“I get to work with the identified talented and gifted students from Kindergarten all the way through 8th grade,” said Ms. Sirois.

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